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Reliable, practical, and aesthetic

STOPPRO blocker is designed for premises that require not only security, but also aesthetics. Traditional shape, solid surfaces, minimum number of visible elements, any paint color and vandal-proof design perfectly suit installation in public places, entrances to parks, embassies, headquarter buildings and guarded recreation /resort areas.

Reliable hydraulic drive, which combines good lifting speed and opening frequency, enables installation in intense traffic areas: airport checkpoints, border crossing points, information and television centers, showrooms, and other facilities that require regular checkpoint operation. STOPPRO blocker has the same anti-ram properties as STOPMAX blocker and is well-suited for protecting premises from unauthorized entry.

STOPPRO road blocker is intended to prevent the entry of passenger cars and light-duty vehicles into a secure area. It has a rising height of at least 600 mm, and its strength is comparable to the STOPMAX blocker: it is capable of stopping light-duty vehicles and passenger cars in front of it, as well as preventing large vehicles from entry by damaging the vehicle’s undercarriage (vehicles with engine located higher than 600 mm).


Twin STOPPRO Blocker (8 meters)

Key advantage: STOPPRO blocker is easy to operate

1. Design with enclosed housing

  • Dirt does not get into the blocker housing
  • Minimal gaps along perimeter
  • Elegant exterior
  • Vandal-proof

2. Deep pit

  • Allows effective drainage with properly installed rain water drain duct
  • Minimized freezing probability

3. Hydraulic drive

  • High time between failures: over a million times
  • 100% utilization
  • Short operating cycle time

STOPPRO blocker specifics

Installation requires concrete foundation with rainwater drain.

STOPPRO road blocker is designed for installation in intense traffic locations; in areas where aesthetics is just as important as performance. See more