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Design specifics of anti-ram arm barriers define their application.

By way of illustration, the arm barrier can be compared with a road blocker of the same price range to select a suitable option.

Anti-ram barrier specific features:

  1. The anti-ram barrier boom is positioned at a height of 800-1000 mm from the road surface, so that the impact comes to the vehicle engine, most effectively stopping the vehicle in front of the barrier. A road blocker in this price range has rising height of about 600 mm.
  2. The boom has no contact with the road, which excludes its contamination by passing vehicles and the probability of boom freezing.
  3. The drive is located above ground, and rain water drainage is not required, just as for a surface-mounted blocker, unlike underground one.
  4. The arm barrier is 2 meters wider than the passageway between its supports; a road blocker is 0.3 m wider than the driveway.
  5. The barrier boom rises to a height more than one meter greater than the width of the passageway.

Depending on these specific features, one can decide on the arm barrier or road blocker application.

Anti-ram arm barrier provides higher security level compared to road blockers with rising height of about 600 mm, and has lower maintenance requirements.

Anti-ram arm barrier can be installed in premises where…

  • there is no height limitations such as low-rising sheds, electric power lines, utility infrastructure, trees, and the like;
  • there is a shoulder on both sides of the road, and the width of the driveway is not limited by walls, fences, ditches, buildings, and the like;
  • there is a possibility to excavate pits for anti-ram barrier supports to a depth of at least 1 meter.

Surface-mounted road blocker functions as a man-made hump (speed bump) and requires regular maintenance and cleaning from dirt carried by passing vehicles. The blocker can be installed within the roadway limits.

This video shows the anti-ram arm barrier being tested in the fabrication yard before shipment to client.

This arm barrier has electromechanical drive. We consider hydraulic drive being primary drive for arm barriers, as it best suits the operation of mechanisms with high momentum.